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I’m just finished developing and Android mobile application called “JAYCAD”.  It’s a mobile application designed to be used by Land Surveyors.  I developed this application with the help of a number of Land Surveyors from Weber Frankiw Surveyors.  Land Surveyors typically use a programmable scientific calculator, for calculations whilst in the field.  My application, JAYCAD, aims to replace the calculator, by providing the functions a Surveyor use on their field trips.  A Land Surveyor will always carry their mobile phone while in the field, so why carry another piece of equipment (i.e calculator) when your phone, with JAYCAD installed, can perform the functions of both communication device and calculator.

JAYCAD contains the following functions;

  1.  Length Conversions – Gunter Survey Links to Meters,
  2.  Area Conversions – Acres to Hectares,
  3.  Angle/Bearing conversion – Degrees, Minutes and Seconds to Decimal Degrees and vice versa,
  4. Angular Addition and Subtraction.

More complex land surveying functions, such as closures, are planned in future versions.  JAYCAD is available on the goole play store.

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