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In an attempt to “get back” into IT after a 8 year hiatus, you could say I have stalled somewhat. But before we go into my current situation, we need to go back a bit further.

When I first got into IT, way back in 2003, in was in response to the “dot.com” boom and millennium bug scare. I was in between jobs and I remember watching 60 minutes story about Web developers living “Rock star” lifestyles. These “Rock star” web developers were earning 6 figure salaries and travelling the globe working in exotic locations as their skills were in short supply but highly sort after. I though “I want a bit of that action” so enrolled in IT degree at Flinders Uni. Unfortunately by the time I finished my degree in 2003, the dot.com boom had long gone and I think a lot of other people had the same idea as me. I ended up working for Multi-national working on software that was far from “sexy”. Sure I had a job but was not travelling the globe and was on a five figure graduate salary instead. 3 years later I had enough of driving in peak hour traffic, going to a job I had little passion for. I wanted to go back to Personal fitness training and see the world

Fast forward 15 years, married with 2 beautiful daughters, I though working at home as a “funky” mobile developer would be the new “sexier” me.  Insert quiz show wrong answer mp4 here. Being out of the “IT show” for 8 years plus home-schooling my daughters, turned the mobile development learning curve into a shear cliff, made of ice. Like the dot.com boom, I had missed the mobile app boom. I was inspired by developers writing a “Fart App” over the weekend and making $30,000 in a couple of days. By the time I had finished my Graduate Certificate in Mobile Applications Development, both Google Play and the App store were flooded with developers all trying to do the same thing as myself.

That brings me to now. There are many technologies and things happening in IT right now. Perhaps I should learn from previous experiences and not hop onto “bandwagons” that have bolted and are highly competitive. Anyway I’m going go-ho into learning how to be a python-react full stack developer as well as learning all about Block-chain and Ethereum development. Maybe I’ve missed both of these “trains” but we will see. Follow my blog to see how I go.




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