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  •  Would you like a custom made WordPress Blogging website to promote your business?
  •  Would you like to reach more customers and increase your sales?
  •  Do you have an idea for an online business and don’t know how to get started.?
  • Do you already have a website but its hard to use on mobile phones and tablets?
  • Are you not happy with your existing website?
  •  Is your website hard to maintain?
  •  Are you tired of paying large sums of money to your website designer in order to make regular  but small changes to your website?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need me.  With over 10 years experience coding and developing software systems, I can develop the ideal solution for your needs.

My speciality is developing custom made  WordPress websites designed to suit your every requirement.  I design my websites so they can be easily maintained by even the most inexperienced IT user.  That means no ongoing maintenance fees  to update and upgrade your website.  All that you need to do is pay hosting and domain name registration fees.  But if you engage me to develop your website, before the end of February, I will pay your hosting and domain name registration fees for the first year.  Thats nearly $200 worth of freebies just there.  What a funkatastic deal.  So what are you waiting for?  COME ONNNNN!!, Contact Jay now to get your kickass website started today.


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